About CTGrind

CTGrind offers services in the fields of web design, web development, SEO, SMO, AdWords, Facebook advertisement campaigns and strategic consulting for our clients

We are a small and flexible team which includes programmers, web designers, graphic designers, SEO, SMO and marketing specialists. The team has been involved in various IT activities for many years before the founding of CTGrind. Each member has come to a conclusion that when the work is bringing you satisfaction and joy, it is no longer just work but an opportunity for personal progress and expertise improvement. By creating and developing online projects for our clients, we have the opportunity to follow and implement all the new trends from the world of web development. And this is very important to us.

What we do

  • Analysis and consulting

  • Web development

  • Web support

  • SEO optimization

  • SMO optimization

  • Online advertisement campaigns

  • Help with professional photo shoots

It is nice to meet you!

Founding members of CTGrind:

Taner Kabilov, 31

Taner Kabilov, 31

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Age: 31

Founder and CEO at CTGrind. With years of experience in consulting, business administration, trading and marketing.

George Ivanov, 32

George Ivanov, 32

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Co-founder and COO at CTGrind. With years of experience in the IT sector and interests in implementation of the latest SEO techniques, as well as SMO activities, creating and management of projects. Python and Opensource fan.

Constantine Gentschev, 28

Constantine Gentschev, 28

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Co-founder and CTO at CTGrind. With years of experience, expertise and passion for graphic and web design as well as developing complicated online platforms with Laravel and JavaScript. Passion in programming and implementing the latest practices in development of new projects. PHP, JS, beautiful designs and flawless CSS fan.

Alistair Bell, 31

Alistair Bell, 31

Regional Manager (RM)


Regional manager at CTGrind for the United Kingdom. With years of experience in marketing and sales, business administration, team and project leading. With a rich experience in creating gaming and tech industry platforms.

Our vision

Our purpose is to be useful and competitive in web development for small and meduim size businesses (but not only). It is a great honor for us to be the partner of companies that are taking their first steps in the world of online presentation on the long road of progress and optimization. Whether our clients need a purely presentational website, online e-commerce or complicated platform with special modules and back-end, we are taking each step together with our partners in the process:

  • Consulting about the idea of the project
  • Research and analysis of the business, structuring the project and creating a plan of action
  • Developing and publishing your website online
  • Website maintenance, SEO and SMO optimizations
  • Advertisement campaigns, monitoring and analysis
  • As well as all other activities that will help your business online.

Need a website?

We can help. Drop us a message and we will find the best option for you and your business.

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