SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at CTGrind

Optimization for search results in engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo

We will invest a lot of effort so that your website can be found amongst the top search results in Google and other search engines, regardless of its type. When building a website from scratch we will implement all the necessary OnPage SEO practices, so that further updates will not affect SEO performance in any way.

Search Engine Optimization at CTGrind

  • OnPage SEO - we follow and implement Google's guidelines when building your website. We also make corrections to existing pages so that they comply to with current standards.

  • OffPage SEO - CTGrind will develop a plan for backlinks to your website while following key factors such as quality of the source, PR rating, origin of the source domains and many more.

SEO? Do I need it?

Short answer is: YES! In order to further the development of brand recognition for your business, a lot of key activities have to take place such as promotions and marketing. The same concept is valid for websites. Optimizing a website is a lengthy process and takes a lot of work, but it is imperative to pay attention to your website's optimization. Find out how we optimize our clients' websites below:

OnPage SEO

CTGrind implements high-quality code into your web pages which increases SEO performance. Our Content management system is built around several main factors: security, speed, ease of use and a SEO module that controls optimization. Here is a short list of SEO procedures that take place both for bespoke built websites, as well as Wordpress.

  • Implementation of Google Analytics
  • Setting up Google Search Console
  • Implementation of Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Implementation of Google Analytics plugin for WordPress
  • Implementation fo Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress
  • Check-up for faulty redirects
  • Check-up for broken links
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword research on competitors
  • Correct URL structuring
  • Implementation of keywords and tags wherever needed
  • Meta descriptions
  • Optimization of text content, volume of the content for each URL.
  • Semantic indexing(LSI)
  • Optimization of ALT texts of multimedia content
  • Correct URL structure of internal links
  • Many more...

OffPage SEO

Building a system of backlinks to your website is a process that we will be doing constantly. We follow all the guidelines set by Google when choosing the sources for your backlinks. The algorithm for tracking backlinks changes constantly, and with it - the approach to creating and implementing the architecture. As of 2019, most search engines consider the quality of backlinks, rather than quantity. Here is a short list of procedures that take place for OffPage SEO:

  • Local listing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Image submission
  • Audio submission
  • Video submission
  • WEB 2.0 and blogging
  • Profile creation sites
  • Classified submissions
  • PPT submissions
  • Quora participation
  • Q&A sites, guest blogging and comment linking
  • Many more...
It is extremely important for us that our clients websites are able to be found easily amongst the first search results in the search engines. We work constantly and diligently to make sure that this is a fact.

When building a new bespoke website for our clients we always structure it in a way that is SEO friendly. If you already have a website we will do an in-depth analysis and audit to develop a plan to optimize it. SEO optimization is an unending process with a lot of competition, but don't be frightened we will walk this path together.

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