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Optimizing your online presence in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and many more.

For a long while now, social media is not just a place to connect with your friends and family. All of the major social networks are being successfully used by millions of companies around the world to increase brand awareness, engage their followers and inform them about their business projects, services and more.

Social Media Optimization at CTGrind

  • Creating and maintaining company profiles at social media websites.

  • Research, development and implementation of marketing campaigns in social media websites.

SMO optimization - a few words from CTGrind

It is important to note that many CEOs, manager and business owners do not personally use social media, simply because they do not have the time needed to maintain a quality presence, however they are completely aware that this is a very important aspect of business development. Many companies have their own teams that maintain company profiles in the social media market and invest a lot of money in marketing campaigns. If implemented successfully, the method of social media optimization leads to a lot of hits on your website, sales and brand awareness.

Let's talk about Facebook

From its inception in 2004 as a social network for friends and family, Facebook has gone a long way and now it has a staggering 2.072 billion monthly active users. 1.6 billion of which use it via mobile devices. Daily active users: 1.57 billion. You can probably tell by now that these numbers hide a huge potential for your company. Here are some of the local stats for Bulgaria in the world of Facebook.

  • Registered users: ~ 3,400,000, equally distributed between men and women
  • Users from Sofia: ~ 1,300,000
  • Users from Plovdiv: ~ 170,000
  • Users from Varna: ~ 130,000
  • Users from Burgas: ~ 86,000
  • Users from Veliko Tarnovo: ~ 59,000
  • Users from Rousse: ~ 50,000

There are two ways to reach these users: organic and paid. A well created and maintained company profile, which constantly publishes interesting content can get a lot of organic reach. Your followers like, share and talk about your products and services, which leads to organic traffic for your profile and website. Paid reach is done through marketing campaigns on Facebook. A quick analysis can show that with 5 euro per day you would reach an average of 10 000 users over the age of 18 in Bulgaria. We will help you understand and grasp the opportunities provided by this type of marketing campaign. CTGrind can create, maintain and optimize your company profile, as well as build successful marketing campaigns.

Other social networks and their benefit

Outside of the startling statistics regarding Facebook, many other social networks have tens or even hundreds of millions of active users. Here is a short list:

  1. Instagram - property of Facebook, where marketing campaigns can be ongoing in both social networks.
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Youtube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Pinterest
  7. Quora

The concept is simple: Your business needs clients and social media websites have millions of users. Your company website can benefit from social media, attracting visitors to your products and services. It is important to note that most users prefer to communicate with companies via their social media profiles. By using social media profiles to communicate with customers, you also provide an ever-so desired personal moment with your clients.

CTGrind will create and optimize your company profiles in the correct social networks after researching and developing a plan of action.

We will help you build a following that will provide organic traffic. We will help you with creating and optimizing a marketing campaign as well as analyzing the market itself.

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