UI/UX Design

We focus not only on creating beautiful designs for you but also on the visitor-website interaction for your business

We know that you don't have the time to dig deep into modern requirements of web design and arrangement of different modules on a fully functional website. Regardless of the products or services which your website offers, we will help you creating webpages which are visually beautiful but also with specific modules order to guide visitors towards your desired online goals.

Design at CTGrind

  • We always focus on creating beautiful designs following the requirements and guidelines of our customers and at the same time implement new techniques and modern design trends.

  • Product and information positioning is a stage of the development process that we put a lot of effort in to. Our purpose is not just creating a beautiful design but also one that accomplishes your business goals. We believe that the online presence of your company must prestigious, pretty and achieve the results you pursue.

Our approach on web design

You already have company branding? Let's follow the color palette and improve your online recognition with modern design. If we are creating your first company website, let's discuss together color, shapes and alignment preferences. After that we will present you with visual suggestions, based on which we will create an entire branding for your company.

During the process we will present to you:

Options for a modern company logo
Color palette that suits your business
Beautiful and functional image gallery for your company pictures
Editing of images by our graphic designers
Several options for alignment of different modules and information on your website (wireframes)
SEO compliant alignment of information and text page template that should be followed in future posts
Beautiful and tidy contact form with a functional map for your offices and establishments
Practically formed footer, compliant with SEO and UX requirements
We are going to tell you why using 'flash animations', automatic sounds and melodies, multiple tables and a lot of different colors is not good for your website

Let's position everything - the right way

What is UX design and why it's important? Let's save you all the technical terminology and explain the importance of this type of design with a practical analogy:

You are a clothes store manager, apart from the quality an prices of your goods, few purely logistical factors are of great importance:

  1. Locations of your shops
  2. Advertising board at the entrance
  3. Polite greeting by your employees
  4. Correct positioning of the clothes and their tags with information
  5. Easy payment and getting a business card or a discount card
  6. The friendly invite to visit the shop again soon

These are very simple steps at first sight that every business takes, but also absolutely necessary and strictly followed. The same applies for your website. Beside beautiful design, visitors must be able to navigate and use your website with ease. A pretty, modern and tidy landing page is just as important as the entrance of the clothes shop. The loading speed of your website can be compared to the fast and quality service of your shop. The laying out of specific information and buttons on certain locations is made with the purpose of achieving more sales, pointing the visitors towards the company’s products and services. A company’s newsletter is an important way to communicate personally with your visitors and we will help you create it using a beautiful template structure.

And now let's talk technology

For the fast loading time we use a custom developed backend system which uses advanced caching of elements and boosts load times dramatically
We always edit images and use correct compressions
We minify all code files for optimal loading times
Load requests are reduced to a minimum and we optimize the request steps: DNS, SSL, Connect, Send, Wait, Receive
Our JavaScript is written in a way that minimizes additional loading time
We use gzip compressions
For the frontend we use tools and frameworks like: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, Javascript, Font Awesome and more
The websites we build are always responsive, load fast and in the same way on all devices whether it is a smartphone, tablets, laptops or desktop computers
During the development of the mobile version of your website, we follow all guidelines and best practices for design and positioning like: size of buttons, fonts, menus and layout as well as images compressions

Need a website?

We can help. Drop us a message and we will find the best option for you and your business.

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